Stone Tube Steel Supplies are the top dogs in Brisbane when it comes to steel supplies. We quite literally live in order to provide quality steel to our customers. Steel is one of the strongest materials in the world. It is known for having the highest strength to weight ratio. This means that it is super strong while at the same time, being super light weight and easy to work with. This has carved out steel’s position as the world’s premiere metal. We offer a great number of services which range from steel reinforcements to roofs. You can feel free to browse our website in order to take in our full range of products. You can use our steel to make roll cages, building beams, cutlery and kitchen ware, the insides of electronics and many more things as well. We are very proud to be your steel supplier.


Steel is known for its longevity. It does not rust and as a result, it will not corrode. Steel can sometimes feel like it will last forever. Our steel is of the highest quality and you can rest assured that it will last longer than any of us! It is strong and if well maintained it will look absolutely brilliant for many years to come. You can come to us if you want your building to be reinforced and you can get some generic steel beams to keep it up straight. Or if you are looking for some really high quality stainless steel for your knives and forks, then you should give us a call. Steel is also highly useful if you are in the business of roofing because many joints and clamps are made of the tough material. If you are a plumber, you will want to listen up because the best water pipes are made of steel. You should make a point to come to us whenever you need steel because we are the very best steel suppliers on the industry block. You might even say that we are as tough and strong as the steel that we are selling.


By partnering with our friends at Metro Steel we are also able to provide a Steel Fabrication Brisbane service. No matter what type of steel and how you want it fabricated give us a call today and our friendly experienced team can definitely help.


You will find that we are all for the steel, from the beginning of its life to the end. As a result, we do not only provide it, we recycle it. Steel is one of the most highly recycled materials because it can all just be melted down and reused. There is virtually no waste emerging from the process. We will provide high quality recycling services for any steel scrap that your project produces. No matter what you want to do, buy or recycle, we are there for you. All you have to do is give us a call and we will try and find your ideal steel deal. Our customer services specialists are very proud to take any of your queries and guide you right through the process. Stone Tube Steel Supplies is the very best steel supplier in the country. Contact us today and we will try our best to help.